How Secure Is Your Site?

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This is becoming a nearly all-consuming question for website owners, and even anyone who interacts with the World Wide Web. Just in the last couple of years, the amount of automated attacks on even the smallest of sites has become worrisome. Typical firewalls provided by hosting companies have always been good enough to keep all but the most persistent criminals from getting access. But that is changing exponentially. With more and more features and open-source plugins bringing a host of vulnerabilities, there are more and more bots out there designed to exploit them.

What do they want with my small site?

Nothing. What they want is to use the server your site lives on. From there, they can use your website to put up spoofing and phishing pages to trick others into giving them their valuable information – user names, passwords, SSNs – you get the idea.

So I have become extremely vigilant in fighting this scourge for myself and for my clients with a program called iThemes Security. It allows me to “harden” WordPress-based websites, making it extremely hard for a non-human to gain access. I’ve also installed a whole other layer of backup capabilities so that in the event we do get hacked, we won’t lose the farm.

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