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Too Much Stuff!

I have been creating stuff since I was a kid. I loved to draw, especially abstract things. In high school, I was never without a camera - not a professional one, just a point-n-click - to catch the things I saw. I was always making music, or taking pictures, or going off somewhere along the California coast to sit and draw in solitude. And that part of me has never diminished, although at some point, I learned that I had to find a way to eat and pay rent at the same time! I am very fortunate to get paid to do what I love. Needless to say, after so many years on this planet, there is just too much stuff to put here on this site. So I have tried to show a good representation from all of the things I do creatively.

All of the photos and original art pieces are available as museum-quality prints, so please contact me if anything here interests you.

And if you want me to do something for that will make it on here someday, Contact me today and put me to work!

Artichoke Music Promo

Jirina's Journey Promo

Aerial Video Demo

Animation Demo

Steve Roberts Memorial

Beth Wood 2015

Beth Wood 2015

Simon Lynge 2011

Batdorf & Stanley 2009

Alice Stuart 2009

Jon Koonce 2009

Hans York 2011

Larry Murante 2009

Larry Murante 2011

Carolyn Cruso 2009

Crown Point 2009

Jill Trenholm 2009

James Hurley & Hans York 2009

Terry & Jerry Holder 2009

Redhare Finale 2009